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VR Studio release notes

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UPDATE more incredible than before : I haven’t had a chance to do a real update post yet, but I wanted to make sure that those reading this post realise that there has been one, and all the improvements are INCREDIBLE.

VR Studio Kit

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Hair Fair 2014 – Bandana Day 27th July LAST DAY OPEN

Originally posted on Hair Fair:

Bandana Day July 27th

Today is the day that those all over the grid remove their hair to show they care. Not removing your hair doesn’t mean you care any less, but this is a fun tradition we started in 2007 and it has grown every year since.

Bandanas are created from people all over SL, by creators, bloggers and Second Life residents, who just feel inspired to open up a photo editing program and do their part to help us help Wigs for Kids.

The Bandanas are only available at Hair Fair 2014 and once the event is over they are never purchasable again. The bandanas are sold for 50L and you can transfer them to friends, people even have bandana wearing parties, and events that also help bring awareness to Hair Fair and Wigs for Kids.

It is the last day of this huge event, and we hope to see you there…

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Hair Fair last 24 hours and one more hour and ten minutes

Exile 1

LeLutka 1

Red Mint 1

Elua 1

Tulip 1

Olive 1

Mag 1

Lamb 1

Geek 1

EnVogue 1

We are counting down now to the final 24 hours of Hair Fair 2014. The visitors have been amazing, the creators have done an incredible job, and with as much bias as I will muster, the build the event itself was just wonderful this year – we did get a lot of positive feedback on that, so I didn’t just make it up.

Tomorrow is Bandana Day, which means we all take off our hair to show we care, which means I have to get all my hair pictures done now, not all of course, because my time management this year just left the building.  You can get the awesome bandanas only at Hair Fair and every purchase of them goes directly to the Charity account…so far over 1300 of them have sold so that if just wonderful as this is such a fun tradition.

I started out wearing a lot of Ison in my post today and loving the combinations of items old and new, then did a run past Maitreya and found a few new to me stores with appliers for Physique, which I am so excited about, as it is going to mean the return big time of a lot of great texture layer creators work getting a new lease on life. One such creator is Stellar, and her cami top that is at My Attic is just lovely, and it has shorts too but just turned off those layers so it was Cami only.

The Jewellery I am wearing in some pics is by the divine Yummy, at Collabor88 this round and actually a past round also, definitely worth taking a spin around her store to get everything she has ever made ever, just saying.

Each and every hairstyle is amazing, some you may not have noticed, as everyone takes their vendor pictures differently, that is the great thing about blogging, and checking out as many as you can, because through the style of a blogger, you can totally get a different sense of how a style can look, and what can be done with it. So thank you to all the bloggers that shared their style, but also just how much they covered the event, to show their readers that it was going on.

I covered a range of styles today, so many gorgeous looks, and I found it fascinating how different people package them, how colour packs are done, and also what was new in terms of textures as well as completely new to hair making some of the stores are. I hope you enjoy the styles I chose to feature, and definitely take another spin around the event, because every single thing you buy will donate a percentage to Wigs for Kids and that is well worth the motivation to visit.


Hair Fair 2014 Join Us Banner

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shoots-VR Foundry Mainstore,VR Foundry @ The Deck

Props, Furniture, Build :

Location –

Poses by:



Ellis - LeLutka

Skin Worn:

Visage Head and Physique Body with default skin – Slink 

Avatar Enhanced Mesh Hands & Mid Feet – SLink

Avatar Enhanced Nail Appliers : set 204 – Flair


Natalie –  enVOGUE @ Hair Fair 2014

Halo – Lamb @ Hair Fair 2014

Shena – Elua @ Hair Fair 2014

Ashley – Tulip @ Hair Fair 2014

Life Beyond Sprinkles – GEEK @ Hair Fair 2014

Anna – Olive @ Hair Fair 2014

No 23’14 - Red Mint @ Hair Fair 2014

Colleen – LeLutka @ Hair Fair 2014

Stone Cold Seduction – Exile @ Hair Fair 2014


Little Black Dress , Cropped Panel Tee, High Waist Pleated Skirt,  Oversized Wool Coat , Side Ruffle Skirt, Work it trousers – Ison

Full Sheer Body Stocking (Physique Appliers), Leopard Underwear (Physique Appliers), Plain Bodysuit  (Physique Appliers) – Glam 

Knotted Tee (Physique Appliers) – Rua Modena 

Flare Jeans – Maitreya 

Maui Cami (Physique Appliers) – Stellar @ My Attic

Summer Crush (Physique Appliers) – Luxuria @ My Attic

Summer Kimono – Tres Blah 

Boy Shorts (Physique Appliers) – Sovrin

Shoes :

Toronto (Slink Mid feet add ons) – Essenz

Accessories :

Boomerang Necklace – Cheetah, Safari Wood Beads – Yummy @ Collabor88

Gold Miranda Necklace – Blue – Yummy

Round Tortoiseshell Sunglasses – Izzie’s @ The Liaison Collaborative 

Kai’s Prevention Goggles -Black- On Head – GEEK

Ride em Out

Argrace 1

Argrace 2

Argrace 3

There is still a full week left of Hair Fair and I myself will be running through all the sims over and over again to visit every booth and actually take in a lot of the decor and attention to detaill that people put into their booths, to really showcase their items in such an attractive way.

Argrace has really outdone themselves this year with this line of cowboy styled hat hairs, and if you have been by the booth you can also get their gift bag with some extra hats only options, so cool of them, and they started out with hat hair back in 2008, so it is really nice to see the new and inspired looks they create with their skills expanding, and there is something very cool about their textures that give a very glossy look.

In my first look I am wearing some shorts that I fell for at Summerfest, the event is over but you hopefully can pick them up if you didn’t already at their store. I am wearing some toeless garter socks that I made for this round of My Attic, I am actually really happy with these because I hand drew all the elements in ps and that is a huge thing for me, then Mel taught me how to TGA instead of PNG and I am double excited and hope to do more, especially as they look so hot on the Slink Physique body.

The bikini which is also with Physique appliers and system of course, same with the socks, is by SyS’s and also a My Attic item, such gorgeous colours and they come in 3 packs which makes them a bargain at 95L. The second outfit is a mix of those great shorts by Tres Blah I wore the other day, with the great jacket by The Secret Store that is at this months Collabor88. The jacket is great and there is also a romper that has cut outs at the front so you can layer it with other mesh such as the coat, great options.

The Dress is by Rowne, which is a new brand collaboration with the House of Fox and Faenzo people. This dress is super cute, and has a great flared out skirt portion so you could even wear it as a tunic with pants, if you wanted to layer.

Mandala has just increased the love of incredible jewellery with this release at c88, definitely the perfect theme for them in terms of stones and colours, so effective and just a very intense wow factor. The shoes I am wearing are also a My Attic item by Essenz, gorgeous cork platform wedges with a lovely front bow. It is also her anniversary so I did see somewhere she was having a SALE not sure if that is still on, but I would fly over there to check because its well worth getting all her shoes, the slink add ons especially.

Make sure you come by and visit My Attic while it is on, do Hair Fair another ten times to help us help Wigs for Kids, and make sure that you didn’t leave any stones unturned at C88



Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shoots-VR Foundry Mainstore,VR Foundry @ The Deck

Props, Furniture, Build :

Location –

Poses by:



Ellis - LeLutka

Skin Worn:

Physique Mesh Body, Visage Head – Barley Skin tone  – Slink 

Avatar Enhanced Mesh Hands & Mid Feet- SLink

Avatar Enhanced Nail Appliers : set – Flair


MINAMI, Kanade,  Nagi – Argrace @ Hair Fair 2014


Waikiki Bikini – Physique Appliers - SySy’s @ My Attic 

Love Shorts – B.C.C

Summer Loving Garter Socks – Physique Appliers – Flair @ My Attic

Noah Cropped Jacket  – The Secret Store @ Collabor88

Khaki Shorts – Tres Blah @ Collabor88

Katia – Rowne @ Collabor88

Shoes :

La Paz (Slink Mid Feet Add Ons) Essenz @ My Attic

Accessories :

KYARA-BANGLE/Lobeke , Elephant Jewellery Set, KYARA/Desert Earrings & Necklace- Mandala @ Collabor88

Hair Fair 2014 – OhMai

OhMai 1

OhMai 2

OhMai 3

If you are in need of some loving companions then you have to visit the OhMai booth at Hair Fair 2014. Anya has done it again, making her releases at this event some of the most beautiful hairstyles, not only because the hair and the styles themselves are lovely, but because they have an original concept with the birds that fly around them, tugging on loose tendrils or perching atop a hat or a nest.

These are a collection, not just hair to be worn to create a look, but a true marvel and insight into the wonderful mind of Anya. Each style has colour change birds, as well as colour change accessories – clips, ties, hat etc – and the styles vary within each one, whether worn with birds or without.

I really enjoyed the subtlty of colour in this post as well, a continuation of blues and beige/sand like colours. From the base of Safari chic items from this months collabor88, to the brand new brand Thalia Heckroth, that did a wonderful mini film of Hair Fair on early access day. She has opened her brand Thalia Heckroth and the items are just lovely. The clothing is fitted mesh and a few items didn’t fit over my mesh body, but I am definitely going to give them a whirl without soon and show you more. This lovely frock I am wearing in the subtle soft blue and sand is so pretty and perfect with this hat hair.

The safar blouse and shorts are gorgeous and fit perfectly with my body, they are tres blah perfection, and the necklace and earrings in both pictures are more of the divine release by Maxi Gossamer, seriously if you miss out on getting these at c88 you will kick yourself, but then even when they get to the store at full price, they are worth paying much more for.

Lastly the dress by Emery is a perfect look for just about any daytime endeavour, casual but smart, and depending on what you wear it with, it could even go into an evening jaunt through the jungle with a Tarzan or two.


Hair Fair 2014 Brunette



Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shoots-VR Foundry Mainstore,VR Foundry @ The Deck

Props, Furniture, Build :

Location –

Poses by:



Ellis - LeLutka

Skin Worn:

Physique Mesh Body – Slink 

Visage Mesh Head – Slink

Avatar Enhanced Mesh Hands & Mid Feet – SLink

Avatar Enhanced Skin Appliers : Barley Tone Physique Package Skin – Slink

Avatar Enhanced Nail Appliers : set 217 – Flair


Newreem , Callia , Sue – OhMai @ Hair Fair 2014 – Brunette Sim


Khaki Blouse & Shorts – Tres Blah @ Collabor88 

Nuria Dress – Thalia Heckroth

Kenya Mocha Dress – Emery @ Collabor88

Accessories :

Necklace – Keisha – Long , Earrings – Keisha – E3 – Maxi Gossamer @ Collabor88

Hair Fair 2014 – Emo-tions

Emo-tions @ Hair Fair 2014

It is that time of the year again HAIR FAIR! Such an exciting time for us that are part of the event, and I just love how such an amazing event can do so much for Wigs for Kids. I did a big post over on the Hair Fair blog with some info on all the things going on over there, you can read it HERE.

The first post I am doing is to feature the styles by EMO-tions. Not only is the hair itself just beautiful it is the accesories that are either part of the style in one version, or add on attachments in the other two. These are just incredible. The attachments in the first two left and middle are the ones that mean you can wear either the hair on its own, or the attachments with other styles, and the style on the right is all in one, with beading across the chains in back that are just amazing modeling work. It is not only the modeling of these that is great, but the texture work is amazing, in the right windlight and with advanced lighting on, it is breathtaking work. The metal and beading accents also have texture change options, as does the hair in either solids or fades.

If you have been living under a rock, which is what I kind of feel like for the past few weeks getting Hair Fair up and running with Mel and Whimsy…you will be excited to hear that Slink has released their NEW Mesh body called Physique. If you haven’t been under a rock you probably already own it. The exciting part about it, is not only does it work with appliers created for it, but also so much of my mesh clothing already fits it.

Older items such as the dress by Tee*fy, the beautiful top by Maitreya and the NEW C88 release by Celoe that I have actually been wearing all week – shhhhh don’t tell, I changed colours at least – the style of dress is based on the Safari Chic theme of the event and this is by all means Chic. I was actually wearing this dress with horns for a few days already, and loved the contrast. So when I saw the Emo-tions horned Love War hair it was a perfect match.

The appliers are a lot of fun too. I am wearing a beautiful lace off shoulder crop top that is a lot more baring than I wear on my blog, but on sight I knew I would find lovely ways to wear it. Under the Mignon top I am wearing  a full lingerie set, that was a little more revealing than I expected, but it is so well made and when I put on the top over it, I just loved the little flippy look the top made, revealing the suspenders.

The Slink Physique body is fitted mesh and adapts to your own shape, there is a great alpha hud that lets you chop out parts you need to, but most of what I am wearing I didn’t need to turn on alpha much at all. The body also comes with an applier for SIX full skins, and I mean full, because not only does it cover your body and hands and feet if you have them – and why wouldn’t you – but it also applies to your Visage head if you have one, so this is me fully covered head to toe in mesh, but one click done, and I just love this skin on it. Make sure if you haven’t tried it yet you do, it is really a great item to wear and as a person who takes pics, wow it saves time.

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shoots-VR Foundry Mainstore,VR Foundry @ The Deck

Props, Furniture, Build :

Location –

Poses by

LAP – no longer available


Ellis - LeLutka

Skin Worn:

Avatar Enhanced Mesh Hands &  Mid Feet – SLink

Physique Mesh Body & Visage Head - Slink 

Avatar Enhanced Skin Appliers : Physique Base Skin Barley – SLink

Avatar Enhanced Nail Appliers : set 217 – Flair


Titania, Love War, Fenia – Emo-tions @ Hair Fair ( Redhead Sim ) 


Dakota Corset Dress - Tee*fy 

Off Shoulder Lace Crop Black – F’n’Hawt

Kenya Dress – Celoe @ Colabor88 

Mignon Top – Maitreya 

A Sexy Little Things Lingerie Appliers set ( for Slink Physique ) – Avanti 

Accessories :

Earrings – Keisha – E4 – Maxi Gossamer @ Collabor88

Vintage Collar – Maitreya 


Hair Fair 2014 up and running

Originally posted on Hair Fair:

We opened the flood gates to Hair Fair 2014 on Saturday morning first thing, and it has been non stop.
HF2014 Map

Four full sims of incredible creators from all over Second Life, donating generously from each and every sale made during this event. You can find the list of each store on each sim HERE.

Each store donates a minimum of 15% of each sale to Wigs for Kids, and also have the choice to donate more if they so choose. There are signs in some booths, and some may have numerous amounts based on what they donate per pack, as well as a different amount per fatpack or other packs available. But with this system, every single thing you buy helps us help Wigs for Kids, and it is completely guilt free shopping.

This is the 9th year of this incredible event, it starting in 2006 on one sim, and…

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Hair Fair is now OPEN to the Public

Originally posted on Hair Fair:

HF2014 Map

The sims are 4 main sims, with two additional landing point only sims for the first few days of the event.

The same way as the last few years, the booths are all on the one side of the pathways only. So if you stay to the left and follow the path you will see every single Hair Fair store.

We will as always have Landing Point only set. We will have a map board with LM’s giver and slurls notecards at the landing points. To use these efficiently right click the LM of the store you wish to visit and choose the SHOW ON MAP option. This will open the World Map for you, and show you were you are, what direction you are facing and a red circular beacon will appear at the destination. This will help you find your way.


In Alphabetical Order

Alli & Ali Designs


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Hair Fair COMING SOON – Demo Group Info

Originally posted on Hair Fair:

Hair Fair?

I have this friend, and knowing her and her Sister is like having magic in your life. I could honestly talk about Anya Ohmai and Suetabulous Yootz for hours, it is that easy to praise them both. But this post is about lots of other things, the main thing of course being that Hair Fair 2014 starts this Saturday! Anya made this incredible image, for no reason other than she just wanted to bring attention to the event in her own way, and her kindness allowed me the chance to share it with you all.

Hair Fair starts on Saturday the 12th of July and will run until the 27th of July, which will be closing day, as well as Bandana Day. Once the sims are open to the public we will post all information needed on this website, as well as notify those in our Subscribo machine. You…

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Coral above the Sea


Today is the last day of Fashion For Life, and Cajsa and her team have done an incredible job, the builds, the stores and just the overall wellbeing. It has been a great group of chatters in there, so nice and excited leading up to and during the event, lovely to see. You can visit my store, and SySy’s who is on the same sim, as well as all the great stores surrounding us.

I went shopping at TLC the other day, Whimsy and I were in heaven, Bali heaven. She bought a resort, and I made myself a cozy little escape on our studio roof. I love this furniture by Junk, it is fantastic, the colours, the style, and that its mod, just made me so happy. The candle is smaller when purchased, but with some modification it became beautiful oversized lanterns. Also seeing as I rezzed three benches and the throw and cushion are not texture change, I was able to select face and tint those manually, to give them a little less samey samey look.

Summerfest is coming soon, and I am excited, as last years was amazing. The glasses I am wearing are part of the coming soon items, from Faenzo, and they are just beautiful modeling and texture work. They have also done a fantastic looking bag that is also a must have.

The bikini I am wearing is from C88 and by Baiastice, she does some wonderful swimwear, at this event and past events…so if you are looking for great mesh swimwear, start there.

Lastly my hair, now this hair actually comes with hair base tattoos, and they are great, but because I am wearing a mesh head I could not wear the ones that come with, but luckily the skin I have on right now has a hairbase option that worked perfectly with this kickbottom style from Tableau Vivant. I used to wear my hair slicked back and tied off like this a lot, and prance around like a pony in RL, well ok I didn’t prance, but I do love this look and with a hair base and the viking theme of The Fantasy Collective that just started today, it is ALL WIN…and rawr comes in a Mens version too, so get in on that, because YUMMY.


Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shoots-VR Foundry Mainstore,VR Foundry @ The Deck

Props, Furniture, Build :

Kade Bench, Kade Table, Birdcage Candle 3 (edited to be larger)Junk @ The liason collaborative


Ellis - LeLutka


Skin Worn:

Xiao Visage Appliars – The Skinnery

Avatar Enhanced Mesh Hands, Mesh Feet (MID), Visage Head Emma – SLink

Avatar Enhanced Skin Appliers : The Skinnery

Avatar Enhanced Nail Appliers : set 20 – Flair


Viking Hair – Tableau Vivant  @ The Fantasy Collective 


Luli Bikini – Baiastice @ Collabor88

Accessories :

Tortoiseshell Frame Sunglass – Ruby – Faenzo COMING SOON to Summerfest

Garden Cocktail – Canary, Single Butterfly  – Blue – Yummy @ The Arcade

Hair Fair Photo Contest Reminder

Sasy Scarborough:

Only a few days left to win one of these incredible prizes, and early entry to Hair Fair for you and some friends….ENTER NOW!

Originally posted on Hair Fair:

Hair Fair 2014 - Photo Contest - Prizes Prizes Prizes

Contest Reminder:

You can find all the information in our previous post HERE. The contest ends on Monday Night SLT, and the prize pool is GIGANTIC, so tell everyone, you can enter 8 photos, and the winners get to bring 2 friends to early access hair fair, and the runners up get to invite one friend, so this is your chance to do Hair Fair lag free before the crowds.


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