Blogotex – a Business/Blogger resource for Second Life

Blogotex is a new product for store owners to use to keep track of Bloggers. It can be something they maintain themselves, or they can delegate it to their Blogger Managers, Store Managers or Business Partners. The amount of people that will have access to one brands information will vary depending on the level purchased. You can also be a Manager of more than one brand using the system, so this makes for ease of use for many stores.

I have put together a video, that is very long, but is me starting from the same point you will, and trying each option included. From signing up, purchasing the item, and then implementing it. I think that everyone that has a store and has bloggers needs to give it a run, as you can purchase it for one week and trial it out, it is definitely worth it to sit down and take the time to do that.

There are incredible videos on the website, incredibly informative, but they already know how to use it :) so I wanted to give a new to me birdseye view to people, and as I had already been contacted by a store owner asking me if it was something I was familiar with, and I had already looked into doing coverage on it, it all came together nicely.

Also as a blogger, this is a very streamlined option for us to use, many stores have been making spreadsheets and so on, and while that is easy for them to use, this is a system that gives bloggers a space where they can look at what they have done, what they have to do, and how to better manage their use of products.

Purchasing Video by Blogotex

Bloggers Guide by Blogotex

I also suggest in my video ways in which this may benefit events…so have a look at me running through it, making mistakes, fixing the mistakes and finding all the treasures that this product has to offer.

I am a blogger,  but I am also someone that works with many stores behind the scenes, run events and own my own stores…so this is coming at this from all sides.

I hope you enjoy the video…..

Bento Head – Chloe by LeLutka COMING SOON

Hairbase – Tableau Vivant

Skin – Glam Affair

Shirt – Candydoll

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