A little bit ranty, a little bit stripper pole


First off it is ranty time again. Since Mesh has been enabled there has been many reasons for ranting it seems, but this one is pointed at the people that make Third Party Viewers * pokes screen and wags finger *. First off thank you for all of the hard work you do, which is free to use, and you do not actually get paid for, I understand that everything you all do is to help make Second Life more rewarding for its residents, and as a person that is wooohooo about community, again a big huge skyrocketing THANK YOU!

BUT… I think that some of you are dropping the ball when it comes to keeping your users informed. Mesh just hit the grid last week or the week before, and yet every day I see and hear people that only use your viewers completely misunderstanding what is actually going on. Either they don’t even know what Mesh is, or they are adamant that they will stick to the viewer they are using no matter what until you provide them the Mesh version…or they actually think Mesh is a bug and that their latest viewer version is broken and don’t have any clue what to do.

Every single time a user logs into whichever mesh, there is a window -literally- of opportunity to keep the residents informed about the latest and greatest developments to the grid. Just because YOUR viewer is not up to the same release type as the latest SL one, or other third party viewer, does not mean you should keep your users in the dark. What is more acceptable, letting them know and they then choose to see blocks around people, or they go upload a Mesh enabled viewer waiting until you update yours, or they get so frantic that something is wrong, have no clue who or where to ask and end up leaving your viewer for another that works, still not actually knowing what was going on, because in the new one they are using they see no blocks.

That is the thing about Mesh, as it looks so similar for the most part, unless you are looking at perfectly rigged items, it all looks the same as a regular sculpt. So why would you assume anything was wrong other than yet another bug.

Explain it, work out a way to grab their attention on sign in, a wire frame glass with GOT MESH? might work – yes I was going to do that – an image of with and without mesh enabled so they know what is going on when they see it, with a link to a blog post explaining…is all this too hard? I understand you might not want to loose your numbers of users to a mesh enabled client, but how long do they have to wait? is yours going to update next week? a month? never? all the waiting that might go on forever is really going to hurt that user, they may actually even believe their computer is no longer compatible with SL and just leave.

If your users are faithful and seriously they are, they will come back to you, or switch between the two depending on what they need them for. So do them and everyone a favor and inform your users what it is that is changing in their world…give them a chance to update and be knowledgeable, and also don’t hinder their possible creativity, because those people using non mesh viewers right now, could be future Mesh creators that really add to the grid, so don’t keep them from doing so.

Now on with the fashion…Slink one of those Mesh creators, has wowed the grid today with the release of her Tall leather thigh boots. These are a fantastic use of Mesh seeing as with rigging to the body you get bends in the ankles and the knees, unlike boots of the past that used to split at the knee and sometimes to ankle to move with the body. In the past taking pics of boots such as these would have taken a lot longer, the pose would have had to be just right, and then possibly some fixing in PS or Gimp to make it not appear as different pieces. Now though it’s any pose and snap away. Even though they do have a stretchy shiny leather, looking for a pole look to them, I wanted to show that that is not only the case. Three different looks, for three different types of events, and the boots in my opinion rock them all. Be sure to try the demos of the boots, there are four sizes and I am wearing the average, I had to take down my leg muscle by about 6 I think, but I made a copy of the shape for that folder. If you find none of them fit and you are aching for them, then talk to Siddean as she does offer custom fitting to your shape , but it will cost you extra.

I found this store CoG earlier today. Snapping up the liquid looking silver latex, to go with the silver boots was an easy choice. Some silver accessories and it is time for either some dancing, clubbing or a Barbarella kind of RP scene, it all works. Next the look was a little cool out, a nice sweater – this is actually the no skirted version of the sweater dress from Maitreya, an oldie but a goody. The new Zaara knee length denim shorts. Because they are a clothing layer they slip right under the mesh layers and in this case, and any leggings or socks, this is going to be very useful.

I am nagging Siddean of SLink all the damn time for bag and stuff, reason mainly being that if you do shoes, and you do them in particular types of leathers/fabrics, well you owe it to your fashionista customers to follow with some matching accessories. Lucky for me Fri.day had a bag and belt that was close enough, actually the belt I had to tint – YAY For MODIFY – all up the look is great for work, lunch dates or an afternoon shopping.  Lastly the gorgeous shirt from La Viere is just perfect. I especially love the mandarin style collar, and you have two options, one is with collar and sculpted lower to the shirt, or just the collar, which for this look was great. Overlaying with the use of (add)  I then went with the Niti skirt from Zaara. This look is great for a dinner date, night on the town with friends or just kicking bum and taking names.

All of the looks I went with the same lovely hair from Ploom, the hair is Valyra and I am wearing the streaked option. So many streaks to choose from, and the choice of warm or cooler colours really worked with the looks I was going with, so definitely play around with that. Also from Ploom we have new poses some were used in the pics, some are just Ploom in general, but I really do love the poses coming from Ploom so be sure to check out the poses when grabbing the hair.

Skin wise it has been a while since we have seen a release from YS & YS and Desiree is the one I have on today. Comes with so many brow and hairbase options, as well as cleavage and tan lines, lashes and lipsticks. You can even buy the lipsticks for each skin separately if you like one over another. So be sure to DEMO DEMO DEMO.


Click HERE to SLURL’s Page.

Poses by :


Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck

Skin Worn:

Desiree – YS & YS 


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka


Valyra – Ploom


Crushed Sweater Dress – Maitreya 

Knee Shorts – Zaara


Tall Leather Thigh Boots - SLink  MESH 


Dream Catcher Bag, Lucid Belt (tinted)  – Fri.day 

Medium Nails – Mandala 

Fallen Tears Ensemble – MOOD 


Valyra – Ploom 


Chinese Fusion Shirt – La Viere 

Niti Skirt – Zaara 


Tall Leather Thigh Boots - SLink  MESH


Wide Waist Belt – Fri.day 

Medium Nails - Mandala 

Fallen Tears Ensemble - MOOD 

Mia Ring – Miel 



Valyra – Ploom 


Latex Body – CoG 


Tall Leather Thigh Boots – SLink  MESH


Medium Nails – Mandala 

Hydra Necklace – Rozoregalia



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