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Mai to the I to the Ki

Mai Mai
Mai Mai 2
Mai Mai 3

Everything Old is New to someone, I always say it, have done forever now, have even seen it quoted in the past which made me happy. Recently I have been trying to go back and forth between my inventory, and I always check out the walls as much as I can in stores that have new releases, because you never know what you might have missed in a blink.

When I was working for Maitreya I was so happy to be able to revisit my MAiiKI, one of my favourite moments in the store, was showing three ladies upstairs to this incredible Collaberation Collection of Designers Maitreya and Dutch Touch.

The ladies were incredibly fun, and really passionate about their looks and style, but wanting to class it up than what they had been exposed to wearing in the past, these were fuller figured women, and they just adored how much MAiiKI enhanced and brought out what it was they loved about their shapes…that will always be one of my favourite days in the store. If I don’t get the people contact I wither and fade, and there is something so pleasing about helping people in second life.

One of the most standout features to the MAiiKI collection is the mix and match abilities, and when I first blogged the collection, I did a lot of that, this time I kept it as is, worn straight from inventory, it is actually from wearing these clothes that made me beg Onyx to do the Neyya pumps in a two tone toe/heel cap version, because the colour contrasts in the sets was too delish.

There is everything in this collection, incredible system skirts, sculpted skirts, gloves, collars, socks, half gloves, anklet cuffs, wrist cuffs, belts and amazing colours that work so well with the Maitreya Gold shoes as well. I was watching GREEK the other week and got so excited that one of the characters was wearing a dress just like the second picture, I even told Onyx lol, I was sitting there bouncing that she had on MAiiKI in a TV show.

While I was shooting the pics I ended up in Kala Bijoux’s IM box, she is the one of the creators behind Material Squirrel, it inspired the shot in green, how sexy does it look to have these wicked sculpted Demon wings with that dress on, to me it’s like the perfect Halloween look for those that don’t want to do over the top costumes, but want to do more of an evil temptress kind of look.

As you can see, using the HUD I was able to make them smaller and do all sorts of other things with them via it, so even if large expansive wings aren’t really you, the smaller just look adorably evil. You could of course always go with Fae wings or Angel, Material Squirrel has them all, and so beautiful.

I am also wearing the DUNe skin by Dutch Touch, it is giggle worthy how in sync those two are, Onyx and Iki , they often have same colours, names, ideas, it’s like they share a creative gene or something, but from both them and Beau of course, sprout such beautiful items.

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Picture 1:

Hair: Nicole – Aden

Skin:  Dune Olive Lollipop – Dutch Touch

Clothes: Strapless & Patent – MAiiKI

Shoes/Boots: Esprit XTD – Maitreya Gold

Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

Poses/Animations: Lost Angels

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

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Picture 2:

Hair: Nicole – Aden

Skin: DUNe Ruby – Dutch Touch

Clothes: Belted Poof & Puff Black – MAiiKI

Shoes/Boots: Neyya – Maitreya

Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

Poses/Animations: Lost Angels

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

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Picture 3:

Hair: Nicole – Aden

Skin: DUNe Vamp – Dutch Touch

Clothes: Streep Green – MAiiKI

Shoes/Boots: Salience Lime – Maitreya Gold

Accessories: Abyss Demon Wings Green – Material Squirrel

Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

Poses/Animations: Lost Angels

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

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Picture 4:

Hair: Nicole – Aden

Skin: DUNe CatsEyes – Dutch Touch

Clothes: Striped Strapless Black/Gold – MAiiKI

Shoes/Boots: Neyya Toe Cap golden - Maitreya

Accessories: Medallion Earrings - Essentia

Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

Poses/Animations: Lost Angels

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

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LANd Ahoy


Two different tones in the same skin, can really change a look and a feel for the same make ups. It can change a dismal day into something really fun and joyful, or it can better reflect a more somber mood.

I often feel that way with skins, and being able to actually swap from tone to tone can really change everything about a day. I have been flat out lately, and have actually been negligent in inventory sorting, so much that it got overwhelming. I have even been running to the same folders to put on in a hurry, as a mad dash and suitable look go to, and that is very unusual for me, but one folder that kept repeating was definitely the first and second dress today.

I found myself wanting to put it on many times, just because it was pretty and made me happy with it’s swish swish. Also the fabulous Promenade boots from Kalnins ended up being the ones I most enjoyed with the dress, kind of a mix of dressy casual, that I am dressing to look like I didn’t try look, but we all know it took planning to put together lol.

Depending on what look you are going for, both the boots, which are texture change and a fabulous take on the cowboy boot, making a sexier ankle boot version, also with texture change metal features, and even glow …with the Jocelyn dress from DeLa come up a treat. Also as the dress comes in great solid colours, but also on every layer, I used the opportunity to pull out an oldie but a goodie clothing layer belt from Diversity called Adena. Clothing layer belts can be a fun way to totally change the look of something, and if they are on all layers, they are priceless.

The addition of some accessories and a fabulous hairstyle from OH , Whimsy and I went to OH last week and bought it out, I think that Fhaya Denimore better hurry up and make more, they are all delightful and really well priced, all of the hair I am wearing today is from be sure to check it out, if you haven’t already.

Now back to the divine DeLa, the Jocelyn in black with the bits and pieces is definitely a night out look, where as the Jocelyn dress in the red with the addition of the Sweater Wrap in white, also from DeLa makes it more of a casual smart day look, or maybe even an early date ending with a nice stroll along the beach – made sure I wasn’t corny enough to say promenade ;).


Not just the overall looks, but also the colours, the grey I couldn’t get into fast enough in the Lita Set, now I am wearing a camisole that is a separate item with this today, only because due to all different skins and how people make them, there is a slight showing of nipple in this skin/set combo, it is not that way for all but it is something you do need to take into account, as do the designers creators. It was also the tiniest sliver but I don’t show, so it was not something I could just let slide without letting you know.

But because of this, I was able to do a less naughty look, but in my opinion just as, if not more sexy. The Legwarmers come with the Lita set, and they are just fabulous too, I can see wearing those with many things, and maybe if we are lucky Kura will box them up separately or something similar in the future, because with the upcoming cooler weather for many, these are just all sorts of fun.

The other set in that killer sexy red, is the Lisa set , and just YUM, the colours this set comes in are just marvelous. Strapless and provocative, with the added half sleeves, and those slouchy thigh highs, all too yummy. Because of the way it is built as well, you could so totally mix and match colours from one set to another, and make your own fabulous combination’s.

The skin I am wearing with these looks is all by Fishy Strawberry, and the skin is LAN in the Latte and Cappuccino tones. They are not so far apart tone wise, but the overall effect of them is so different I had to show both this way. The make ups are just lovely, not overly done, yet with a really nice selection of both eyes and lips, as well as hairbases in light and dark, and just because she could, Fae has added hair to be worn with the bases , in the packs.

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Picture 1:

Hair: Oh my darling – OH

Skin: LAN – Fishy Strawberry

Clothes: Jocelyn Dress – DeLa

Shoes/Boots: Promenade – Kalnins

Accessories: DeLyn Earrings – Glow Studios

Black Sheep Bangle – Fabulous

Adena Belt – Diversity (not sure if this is still available, if not IM Aleri Darkes and say Sasy said put it back out :P )

Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

Poses/Animations: DeLa

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

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Picture 2:

Hair: Oh my Honey – OH

Skin: LAN - Fishy Strawberry

Clothes: Jocelyn Dress , Sweater Wrap – DeLa

Shoes/Boots: Promenade – Kalnins

Eyes: Thaw -Fusemelon

Poses/Animations: DeLa

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

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Picture 3:

Hair: Oh my Falll - OH

Skin: LAN – Fishy Strawberry

Clothes: Lita Dress set – DeLa

Caroline Ivory Camisole – Insolence (part of Caroline set )

Shoes/Boots: Silvera Pumps – DeLa

Accessories: JuJu Clutch – DeLa

Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

Poses/Animations: DeLa

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

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Picture 4:

Hair: Oh my Happiness – OH

Skin: LAN – Fishy Strawberry

Clothes: Lisa dress set - DeLa

Accessories: KRAKOW – Glow Studios

Burgundy Hair Rose – Essentia

Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

Poses/Animations: DeLa

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

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Pink Skye of Mine

PFLeafy copy
PFLeafy2 copy
PFLeafy3 copy

Skin/Shape Expo was actually the brainchild of Foxy Innis , a shape creator here in Second Life. She believes strongly as do many, that the symmetry between a well balanced look, is the ratio of skin and shape. Now I don’t do well with change, especially on others, as friends will attest..I get really upset if they do any sorts of changes, unless of course I supervised lol.

But with all of these beautiful and talented creators joining each other for such a worthwhile cause, I felt it was the least I could do to change my shape for some pictures. Now I had to start off slowly, and it made it easier on me that Leafy and Pink Fuel are both participants at this years Skin/Shape Expo.

If you have ever explored outside of either store, you will know they share a sim. So it was a no brainer to bring those two together in one post, and as the shapes compliment the skins so well, it worked great. The latest release in the Skye Skins by Pink Fuel are just lovely, they are innocent but with that kind of cheekyness built in.

I made my own shape, it took me a year to stop touching it in one way or another, and I have pretty much kept it consistent over the last three years, if I make a tweak it stays forever. But after wearing these shapes today, and being able to see them with such adorable skins, I can certainly see the appeal in wanting ‘that look”  I even went so far as wanting to live up to “that look ” with the little outfits I put on.

The first one being a set I bought recently off Xstreet for some ridiculously inexpensive amount, and had a ball running around in it for a day and night. Curvy and Cute is that naughty nurse. The shape is Bree and with the Skye Beestung looking skin from Pink Fuel she is perfect.

I had to add Katat0nik to this mix with the hair in all three pics, as I truly think PF and Leafy lovers just have to be Kat fans too.All three styles have many options, one being that you can hide and show the music symbols , and or headsets, which makes for fun looks either way.

So while at the Skin/Shape Expo make sure you visit all the booths, and grab DEMOS for everything, and even if you grab a group of friends and have a shape swapping party, it could find you something you never knew you wanted.

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Picture :

Hair: Gat Jamz, Vu Jamz, Kat Jamz – Katat0nic

Skin: Skye – Pink Fuel (Skin/Shape Expo)

Shapes : Bree , Parfait 2 , Jerelyn – Leafy (Skin/Shape Expo)

Clothes: Nursey Kitty Outfit – K & L  Xstreet

Softy KissXD

Slim Set – SK Designs

Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

Poses/Animations: Long Awkward Pose

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

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Lights Camera Action


I have been saving this hair for the right time, it had to be something stunning, and sleek..with that air of sophistication, I knew I wanted something Audrey-esque – yes it’s an official type, because I just said so.

The Harlow Gown & Cocktail dress is by Ingenue, and I am glad that as lazy at blogging that Betty herself says she is, that today she actually did it. As soon as I had it in my hands I was changed into the top portion, I was so in love with the shape and overall look, that I just had to hope that it was wearable with dress pants in a less dramatic way as well.

The Lampshade hairstyle is just amazing, and the colourchange options made it an absolute joy to play with. I am wearing Jesse one of the Skin/Shape Expo skins , that also has a breast enhancement option, which seems to definitely be the new black lately. Beautiful mouth, and incredibly captivating eyes. No need for prim lashes with this beauty, the lashes on the skin itself are divine. There is also a hairbase option which looks fantastic with pulled back and headbanded styles like Ryan from HCT, recently HCT has redone their textures, definitely worth taking a squiz.

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Picture :

Hair: Lampshade Hair – Curio Obscura

Ryan – HCT

Skin: Jesse sunkissed – Belleza – Skin/Shape Expo

Clothes: Harlow Gown - Ingenue

Black Trousers – Fri.Day

Shoes/Boots: Shanti Heels – Maitreya

Ankle Boots - J’s

Accessories : Black Pearls Choker by Nebulosus Severi

Eyes: Thaw - Fusemelon

Poses/Animations: DeLa

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

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Girls on the road


Today the girls were in a shopping mood, which is kind of regular in our group. We went with an old and new kind of thing today and while we were all styled up and looking fab I took some pics at the last store we hit.

My outfit comprises of the old and new to me, with one of my favourite denim skirts, that I have had for a year or so now, and knew was perfect when I went to grab the tank top I bought today. Whimsy and I went to Muism 12 hours early for the sale the other day, and of course I ended up passing out an hour before it began, and only now managed to make it back there.

As soon as I had it on with the Denim skirt I grabbed the J’s long boots in reddish brown and I was stoked. All that denim love lead us to Aoharu , where Whimsy wanted to get herself one of the latest vintage denim jackets. Ashia ended up finding the stunning tailored jacket that I had to grab myself as well, it is fantastic and definitely old school in it’s straight from the opshop look. It actually comes with the vest underneath and Ashia styled it well with the adorable button down dark blue skirt and the lovely lace scarf from Miel.

The other great addition are the awesome BAX Prestige boots in the brown, those come with four different browns and one that wouldn’t normally be a first choice was absolutely perfection for the jacket. When Whimsy and I were at Muism early lol, we scoped out what we were going to buy at the sale, which was in a way kind of fun, like making a wish list.

As soon as she saw the asymetrical Zip skirts she knew they would be hers, and sure enough she fat packed it. They also come with a shorter non asymetrical version, so a steal during the sale for sure. The skirts and my fab tank are actually located in the smaller summery store outside and along the pathway, it can be a tad confusing but they are definitely reduced during the sale as well.

Of course Whimsy got distracted by all the pretties at Aoharu, who wouldn’t…so as well as the denim she ended up preparing for the colder weather ahead, and secretly I think it was a way of convincing herself she needed new boots too. She is wearing the Military coat over an old top from Celestial studios that she has had for yonks, and still looks gorgeous.

Now the skin you see on all of us is the NEW Bella by TULI skins that have been released at Skin/Shape Expo, a portion of all sales on these skins will go to the Susan G Kolmen charity that they are raising funds for. We all look so different in this beautiful skin and at the moment Tuli is working hard to get the rest of them released I am sure, but don’t rush her because artists need to take time.

We ended the trip at BP* where my skirt is from, the girls all picked up one or two, and I grabbed another for myself, we decided to take the pics out the back door on the Drowsy Sim. Thankfully we had our VR Professional Library HUDs to be able to change poses with on location even though unable to rez.

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Whimsy Winx

Hair: Maitreya – Zoe – Kala Jeera
Skin: Tuli – Bella Tanned – Natural (push up)
Eyes: Glamurena – Mossy Eye
Jacket: Aoharu – BT Military Coat – Khaki
Shirt: Celestial Studios – Trixie Hoodie – Brick (without hood)
Skirt: Muism – Denimi Zip Skirt Beige (Short and Long options)
Boots:  Pixel Dolls – (Luna Viola) Desert Boot – Brown Accents (color changeable hud)

Equipment: VR Professional Library and HUD – VR Foundry

Ashia Tomsen

Maitreya - Moon

Aoharu - tailored jacket-beige

Miel-  scarf-black lace

Axel – denim skirt

Tuli – bella-light natural pu2

Deviant Kitties – the line pirecings

BAX – Prestige boots brown

Sasy Scarborough

Hair: Nahla – Maitreya

Skin: Bella - Tuli (Skin/Shape Expo)

Clothes: Denim Pants Skirt - BP*

Union Jack Top – Muism

Shoes/Boots: Long Boots – J’s

Accessories: Byzantine Choker – Essentia

Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

Equipment: VR Professional Library and HUD - VR Foundry

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A Vixen


More make ups to an already existing skinline, what could be better. With such incredibly inviting make ups to choose from it was a tad difficult to not keep taking pics today, and wow did I take a lot. So much so that I broke this post up into three, so as not to lose my way with info.

The Vixen II skin by Gala is one of my favourites, they are all incredibly inviting, but there is something so incredibly beautiful about this skin, and now that it is about to be released with new make ups at Skin/Shape fair, it just got a whole lot better.

The body of the  Gala skin is beautifuly toned and rounded, in all the right places. I have such a thing for the Gala breast shading, as it has a wonderful and natural look about it. When you aren’t wearing tight fabrics, or the cleavage is a bit deeper than usual, they have a great and realistic look. Then when you do have tight, and lifted, they actually look as such.

With the new make ups in the Vixen II range, the lips are so deliciously glossy, and all the eye make up and extra detailing just enhances the whole experience.

Another huge fan of  Gala skins, is CK Winx of Luck Inc, so I decided to team both stores up together for this post. The extra short and delightfully dipped mini dresses come in prints and solids, to be honest I can’t really choose a favourite as both have their time and place. I must admit to loving the brown with dots option though, those pink polka dots with the J’s round toe Long Boots in pink is just awesome.

Already a huge fan of the ankle boots by J’s these long ones are divine. They not only come in the gorgeous array of leather colours, but with the menu system you have the choice of square and solid heel or a stiletto heel, with and without belted strap as well.

Back to the dresses, I really like how even though in the vertical stripes one, I manage to look even curvier, which is a bonus , and in the Gala skin that just gives such a healthy and alluring look. Speaking of looks, my Thaw eyes by Fusemelon are now actually available – wooohooo – the Fusemelon store rebranded from Philotic Energy, opened its doors today, and the sim is wonderful.

I realised while in the middle of pic taking, that I hadn’t seen an announcement of items from Luck Inc for a while and thought that can’t be right, so I tpd over and sure enough things I had missed. The low rise Mini jeans skirt is just perfect to show off my Connect Me piercings from Skream. I had put these piercings on a few times to show you, but every time the clothing just wasn’t low enough , until now lol.

I grabbed the Leo top from one of the Naughty dress sets also by Luck Inc and just had to , had to get me some Half fishnets , these are so cool, and there are many many options in the pack. It is great that you can do things to one side of the lower body, I do wish though that you could do the same for the upper.

I changed into some LeLutka for this next, more revealing picture of the skins, the Zoe bikini’s are bright and beautifully colourful, they also have just that right kind of pull for the look of this skin. The poses I used for this last picture are part of the latest AO from Red Queen which is the super fun Bytch AO , this AO is not for the shy, it is all spunk.

These skins will be released at the Skin/Shape Fair that starts on Saturday so be sure to grab yourself some demos of everything and enjoy the fair.

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Picture :

Hair: Nicole - Decoy

Adora , Krissi - Raspberry Aristocrat

Jenelle - Dernier Cri

Skin: Vixen II (Acorn Tone) – Gala @ Curio (available at Skin/Shape fair 2009)

Clothes: The Mini , The Mini Solids, Low Rise Mini Jeans Skirt , Leo Top – Luck Inc

Zoe Bikini – LeLutka

Shoes/Boots: Long Boots rounded toe – J’s

Accessories: Connect Me (piercing) – Skream

Eyes: Thaw - Fusemelon

Poses/Animations: Maitreya & Red Queen Bytch AO

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

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Have fun with Polaroids

Skin Creator

The Body Politik have been around since way before I arrived in Second Life. Creating skins for Men and Women in a variety of looks and skintones. Now they have gone a step further, giving you the customer the ability to personalise your look.

This process is not new, it has been offered in the past, but I would have to say with my own experience, that The Body Politik have put countless hours, if not weeks into making this as user friendly as possible. DEMOS are pretty much instant, as they have pre-made every conceivable variation in advance.

Be aware though, that if you choose facial ink you will not get that in the demo, as it would probably mean another thousand or so variations.

I gave this beauty a spin, and was able to choose for the skin you see above ,  a Cocoa skin tone – which is the darkest at this time – Flirt Eye MakeUp  and Storm Lipstick, with of course, who could resist a beauty mark…then I couldn’t resist a pouty lips option either. You can also choose freckles, and brows options.

Mind you while I was doing this, I actually had Mel on the Infinity Skins website at the same time choosing what he liked, as he has to look at me in the finished product, and it kind of makes the decision more of a shared experience. I really enjoyed that aspect of it a lot.

Then moving on to the body, I am not one for tattoos permanently but many are, and a basic range of tats to wear on the actual skin not just clothing layers is fabulous, even though those kinds of enhancements are shown to you in the demo as clothing layers – again to help with how many variations they had to provide to make the process easier for you.

I chose the athletic stomach, and I also really liked the fact that you could choose what nipples you wished to have, there is a great range, and as the shaved down there option was default that of course stayed as is :P, but you do have every other option in dark, blonde or brunette shades.

Being able to see the demo a few moments after I made all my choices was great, even without the beauty mark I was able to know that it was a skin that looked good on my shape, and that I was really going to enjoy wearing…because YUM on the pouty lips, and the body is divine.

When you get the skins, you will get a base skin which will look just like the demo, and then within 48 hours you will get the final custom, so when you pay for your purchase after deciding on the demo, you are able to leave with one skin ready to wear. So make sure you give it a whirl, if you are wanting something a bit more your own.

Now about those polaroids, I was searching online for goodness knows what, and somehow came across this delightful desktop creation, that to me is PURE GENIUS. This software will actually put a realistic looking Polaroid Camera on your desktop, which you then drag any picture to and it will pop out a Polaroid picture for you.

So for those of you without photo editing skills, who want a fun way to feature your pictures, this is right up your alley, I have dragged a bmp. straight from SL saved to hard drive and to the camera, and out it comes, it even makes the exact noise a real one does. The fun thing is you can even shake it with your mouse just like real ones, it will then save to your documents > pictures folder ready for you to upload to Flickr or wherever you want it. I then used the editing program in flickr and adding the text and kiss.

Get your own camera HERE

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Picture :

Hair: Cami – Kin

Skin: Infinity Skin – Custom – The Body Politik

Clothes: Softly KissXD

Eyes: THAW – Fuse Melon

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUD - VR Foundry

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So last week when I posted on SK I said that I went to another store on the way home. Much the same as previous it was a crazy buying spree. The items vary in style, but they all have a definite charm, and with the prices being wickedly reasonable it all works to get your sexy on.

These are my favourites of the items I purchased, and yes I got more than this, but I think all up I was there for less than ten minutes, it was that fast and furious lol. The first set is definitely theme wear, as are a few of the items, but so much fun, and definitely a great chance to again wear my Surf Co. cowboy hat- even if it does take off my piercings , argh I so have to do a new attachment for that hat.

With some of the items from Crazy, yes that’s the name of the store, you will need to make slight adjustments. Such was the case with the pants to this set, as they are as long as pants go, that meant the mesh flared and as its open at the ends with skin exposed it doesn’t look so hot, but as they are definitely boot wearing pants, it didn’t matter, just shortened a touch and all was fine. The scarf came with and the colour of that is just lovely, a real sunset look with the worn in tshirt, which is sheer by the way.

The next set is fun for swanning about as I do, very sexy and fun to wear, you could add a skirt as I have done with other looks such as this on occasion. Janis the puffy blouse and Denim overalls romper look is HOT HOT HOT, there is so much to love in this combo, one thing that stands out is the fact that they have created a really natural looking piece of jewelry for the neck on a clothing layer as part of the look. Jewelry on clothes is a great thing, but can be hard to pull off, but as this is a leather necklace with a pendant it really works well.

The Janis set also comes with the belt, so its all systems go straight out of the package. Another club ensemble with hot pants and a lovely lacey edge looking boostier, these sets are just fun, no matter how many you have. Road, what better name than for this one, a greasemonkey I’m not, but if I was to pull apart an engine I’d want to look like this. The tattoo parts of this are so fun, the grease stains and tiretracks lol, even the chain link belt is wicked.

The Umma set is my fav fav, I did have to wear the bra from the Glam set though. The shorts are fabulous in tweed, and the cinched vest wench look really floats my boat. I could talk all day on these items but I wont, not today…today you have to go out and see for yourself.

The skin I am wearing is Yasmine from YS & YS , a deep rich tone, with and without hair base, with black or brown brow options. So many variations to choose from. The make ups are very striking and really worked for these looks today, my favourite features would have to be the shiny lips and cats eye make up. THe body of the skin is as usual beautiful, demo demo demo as there has recently been three new skins added to the stores range.

All of the hair I am wearing is by Mirai, some old some new, the New is the one featured the most lol, I really love that Mirai recently seemed to change textures to a little softer than they were for a while. They have such a wonderful range of hair styles, especially for lovers of big hair.

The Rodeo boots are by Adam n Eve , and I really do like the shape and style of these boots for a cowgirl theme look. I also decided to take the BAX Prestige boots for another spin, so they feature in the rest of the images.

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Picture :

Hair: Alle, Sely, Dafy, Show,Jules,Doll, Pippy – Mirai

Skin: Yasmine assorted Make ups – YS & YS  Your Skin Your Shape

Clothes: Eastwood, Glam, Janis, Lex , Road, Umma, V, Wasp, West - Crazy

Shoes/Boots: Rodeo – Adam  n Eve

Prestige black – BAX

Accessories: Straw Cowboy Hat – Surf Co.

Eyes: Thaw – Fuse Melon COMING SOON

Poses/Animations: GLOW Studio Poses

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

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Heart of Glass


Red, White and Blue…it totally wasn’t planned, but it did turn out that way. It’s been a great week for hair for me so far, and it’s only mid week, but what week isn’t great for hair. Have you ever seen an item on a shelf and thought oooo ahhh, and bought it , and gotten it home to put on, and next thing you know you got more than you expected?

That’s exactly what happened with the first dress when shopping at Emery a while ago, I had no idea it had that incredible cut out detailing on the back, the front was fun enough for me to want it, back and forth semi diagonal lines in red, across a stark white background…with adorable knee high red with white trim accented socks.

The back is definitely va va voom worthy. Wanting a vintagey look , I teamed it up with the sunglasses from a already over 50L friday purchase, a great bargain for sure, but even without the fab price the style and fit of them is just great. Then adding the flavour of the day with the New Prestige boots by BAX , these things just keep on giving. The boots have so many different options from a drop down dialogue menu, you can see most of them in the pics as I go.

I really love the backcombed look of this stunning hair from Mirone. I kept the boots as simple as they come straight out of the box for this shot.

Next up, and again from Emery we have the skirt that makes me think of bacon, and because of that I love it even more. Not only is it a great simple tube skirt, but I love how it dips on one side, showing a tad more hip. I would love more of this style in different prints and colours. The top I grabbed off Xstreet, the XD store does crazy reductions on their items on Xstreet, less than half in many cases.

Another great hairstyle from Mirone – thanks to Ashia Tomsen for tping me to the Glance 1st anniversary where I was able to buy these great styles. This time I made use of the drop down on the Prestige Boots, changing the seams and edging, as well as the zipper and heels to red, popping up the over the knee extensions I was ready for action.

I was on a roll with these boots, so nosedived into my Tuli folder of clothing. This is where we went from red and white, to blue and white. I have always been a top stretcher, I had this insane reaction to things touching my neck as a kid, so all the collars of shirts would be stretched to near ripping point – and wow did I get into trouble for that. So styles such as this top make me happy, its elegant in an older Jackie O kind of era, but has that 80’s repeat thing going on, which of course  every 20 years is repeated so it’s definitely the theme now.

I really like the detailing done to the sleeves of this shirt, the rolled and fastened look is a nice addition, worn with some really nice shiny blue leggings that fit just right into the boots. It needed a little something though, so back to Xstreet because I was feeling lazy, and I knew it was there, I finally got the white version of the Widebelt from CoCo.

A few weeks ago Sofia and I went to Dango Jewells – if you haven’t checked out her fashion blog posts you are missing out – store Fabulous, I had been in a few times, and had really liked a particular set of bangles, this time I actually grabbed them. They come in two variations, in gold and white gold.

The other night Arabella, Whimsy and I went by the Clawtooth by Clawtooth sale, it was fun shopping together and each finding different things to love in each style, I already had a few Clawtooth creations, but was appreciative that I got to pick up some bargains. The goodbye horses hair I had loved since Hair Fair, but for some reason kept grabbing other styles whenever I went, I fixed that this time though.

Another style by Clawtooth and one of my favs as it actually has fun attachments with it, I am not wearing in this pic. The lovely full locks look great with the casual handkerchief dress by Tuli, she does such great work with prints and this dress is no exception. Another thing she does really well is denim, especially in jeans, these torn capri jeans are fab, and the perfect segway into my favourite of the Prestige boots features.

Denim cuffs anyone, yes I kid you not, the boots come with three different denim uppers, which of course will make them jean cuff lowers. This is a genius idea, and as denim when rolled up is very generic it works perfectly. So now due to this wonderful option, I get to look as though I am wearing pants cuffs, with boots uppers, and its still only one attachment point. The shirt was actually a VIP gift from Tuli and is a lovely loose sleeved look.

This hair is again Mirone, and was also a gift, for the Glance anniversary, so make sure you head over while that is still on. I am really happy that the new Sloth skins by Red Queen had such beautiful blue make ups, that it worked so well with these looks. I also enjoyed getting to show you a little bit more of the bodies of these skins, as I think the stomach is delish, so make sure you grab a demo of those soon to try for yourself.

Also be sure to check out the demos of the BAX Prestige boots, seriously the options on these are fantastic, and the colours are perfect for the upcoming cooler weather – it’s freezing here already.

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Picture :

Hair: Jamila - Mirone

Irina – Mirone

Goodbye Horses – Clawtooth by Clawtooth

Cheated HeartsClawtooth by Clawtooth

Glance Gift – Mirone

Skin: Sloth Skin various make ups – Red Queen

Clothes: Heart of Glass outfit – Emery

Striped Mini Skirt – Emery

Scandalous TopXD

Wide Collar Shirt - Tuli

Shiny Leggings Blue – Tuli

Handkerchief Dress – Tuli

Capri Jeans – Tuli

Loose Sleeved Shirt – Tuli (Group Gift)

Shoes/Boots: Prestige Boots – BAX

Accessories: Vintage Glasses – Epoque

Hair Roses – Essentia

Black Sheep Bangle – Fabulous

Wide Belt – COCO

Medallion Set – Essentia

Scarf - Maitreya

Double Belt – Aoharu

Eyes: Thaw – Fuse Melon COMING SOON

Poses/Animations: CnS Poses

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

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It was thiiiiiiis big


Are there markets where you live? I used to be a market girl, both selling and buying. Going to the markets in Sydney can be a huge event, much like a social experience, especially Bondi markets. You know when you see people gather together and do the whole “OMG how are you *kiss kiss* you look FABULOUS *kiss kiss* and yet they had coffee with each other an hour earlier.

It was always fun shopping, watching, eating..all of those fabulous food items that you can’t get anywhere else. One of the markets we used to frequent even had tibetan food, that was definitely a high falutin market. Always also definitely a place to people watch, fashion wise, you really did have to put on your best look for the day, but had to look as though you weren’t trying.

That’s definitely how I feel about the first outfit today. It is a really beautiful, yet casual to the eye look. The style of top is always a pleasure to wear, crushed silk in an assortment of beautiful pastels, featuring a floral brooch on the strap. This style top in RL can range in price, from an incredible bargain, to a mortgage payment. Either way it is a delight to wear, and accentuates all your feminine attributes. The jeans have a worn in look, they could be yours, they could be your flatmates, male or female, it doesn’t matter as long as they don’t look straight off the hanger.Fishy Strawberry has done a fabulous job of pulling this off on both counts.

Who can resist clogs, they have come and gone in fashion, as long as I have been alive, and further back than that. The new Klaks from Tesla are beauties, they are the right style and fit, for any casual occasion. The hair has to be just right as well, not overly styled, but not too not done either, it has to look like you put in some effort, just not a big one lol.

That’s why the new Fri hair from Miel is just right, it has that *grabs the nearest hair ribbon * and loosely ties it up and back, pulling out a few tendrils for effect. Yeah yeah , we all do it. Another great hairstyle is the Audrey II designed by Jolie Femme. This hair is soft and wavy, with a freshly washed look to it, the hair is made up of a lot of alpha pieces, but luckily it isnt overly flexified, so it doesn’t move too much, it just moves when and how it should.

The pretty silk babydolls are also from Fishy Strawberry, they have a subtle motif at the bottom, that doesn’t stand out too much, making it still a somewhat dressy dress. The straps falling off the shoulders is fun, and charming, the silk is so soft that it has definitely brought to attention the shape of the body – yes that’s my subtle way of saying it has nipple highlights . I have to admit , I am not a fan of that look, I have in the past asked for an additional layer to not include it, giving people a choice.

I tend to be embarrassed about the idea of standing around on high beam, and not all fabrics would even allow for that effect, but in SL it seems to be a popular thing to do. But while thinking that originally with this dress, I realised that with this type of silk fabric, and the bare arms and full skirt, there would probably be a 95% chance of it happening, so that made it much more tolerable, plus the dress is beautiful.

The delicate jewelry that just entered my life, is the Cinderella set by Skream, really pretty pieces make up this silver and diamond encrusted set, the drops in the necklace are lovely, I could see wearing it a lot of the time, especially with the bangle as well, reminds me of those tennis bracelets in RL – which I still don’t understand why they are called that .

With all of this I am wearing the beautiful SLOTH Skin by Red Queen, I have had this one for the length of time it took to take the pics, and tpd to see two friends in between and both thought it was beautiful, which is always a great thing, but I knew it already. There are so many options with the Red Queen skins, hair bases, brow options, tattoo options and some beaten up bumps and bruises options, that are perfect for RP.

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Picture :

Hair: Fri – Miel

Audrey II - Jolie Femme

Skin: Sloth – Red Queen

Clothes: Equinox Jeans, Poisonous Lotus Tops, Lucille Oh Doll Dress – Fishy Strawberry

Shoes/Boots: Klaks – Tesla

Ixkin Duo - Maitreya

Accessories: Cinderella Jewels – Skream

Eyes: Thaw – Fuse Melon COMING SOON

Poses/Animations: CnS Poses

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

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